Flight attendant reveals what your luggage says about you

YOUR luggage reveals much more about you than you might think it does.

The bags you have, the amount of stuff you pack and what you deem to be a “cabin essential” lets us know exactly who you are as a person.

In this, my latest weekly blog for Sun Online Travel, I’ll explain exactly what your luggage says about you and how we know who will cause us the most problems, based on their bags alone.

First of all, there’s my favourite passengers, the average holidaymakers. They’re not usually very fussy and still respect the cabin crew, much more than some other people tend to do.

You can spot these people a mile off in the airport – one big wheeled suitcase to check in, one small piece of hand luggage, and nothing else.

They tend to be people who don’t fly too often and are keen to stick to the baggage allowance rules. They also listen to their flight attendants and tend to be very respectful.

They basically just want to have a good time on their holiday, and they’re not going to let squabbles over baggage stop them and I commend them for it.

However, not everyone is quite so friendly and polite. For instance, the people I like to call the ‘fashionistas’ who are very particular about what they bring on board – and very fussy if you dare to touch it.

These people will often have a suit or dress, or several garments in a separate bag as part of their cabin luggage. They will usually spend a good five to 10 minutes trying to find the best place to put it once they’ve boarded.

If you dare ask them to move it or, heaven forbid, move it yourself, prepare for an argument because they will do everything they can to prevent wrinkles and creases.